How long has D'Souza & Associates been in business?
How many clients does D'Souza & Associates have?
Can D'Souza & Associates provide me with references?
Do I get software access and is it an added cost?
Does the software come with an appointment scheduler?
Does my practice receive software training?
How secure is my information?
What is the turnaround time for billing?
What is the cost of each bill?
Who receives my insurance checks?
Can I have a lock box for my checks?
Will D'Souza & Associates follow up on all my unpaid claims?
Will D'Souza & Associates handle the patients I want to send to collections?
Is D'Souza & Associates limited to a geographical area?
How does D'Souza & Associates communicate with my office staff?
How do I get my daily billing to D'Souza & Associates?
What is the contract term for D'Souza & Associates?
Would D'Souza & Associates provide me with reports?
What types of practices will D'Souza & Associates do billing for?
Does D'Souza & Associates have any coders on staff?
Is D'Souza & Associates HIPAA Compliant?

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