Decreased Business Risk with D'Souza & Associates Inc. Medical Billing

Decreased Business Risk

Our services change the fixed costs
of billing to a variable cost,
lowering your business risk.

Industry Best Practices in Medical Billing

Industry Best Practices

We are an external, expert perspective
on best-in-class workflow and practice processes.

Improved Collection Rates in Medical Billing

Improved Collection Rates

Our proven program will boost your
office’s collection rate.
Get paid the most for the work that you do.

Configuring File Sharing for IT for Physicians

Configuring File Sharing

Configuring File Sharing Between
Computers for Your Office and Employees

Secure Remote Access IT Physicians

Secure Remote Access

Set Up a Secure Remote Access to
Access Files Anywhere

Internet Provider Set Up

Internet Provider Setup

Provide Internet Service Provider
Set Up for Your Entire Office

Records Management for Health Care Records Delaware

Records Management

Management, Maintain and Record
Vital Signs and Chart Changes

Medication List Management Hockessin Delaware D'Souza & Associates, Inc.

Medication List Management

Manage and maintain active
medication lists and information
Electronic Prescriptions Management in Delaware

Electronic Prescriptions

Generate and transmit prescriptions electronically
using our secure server