Healthcare Consulting Services in Delaware

Consulting Services

Unlike many practice management companies, we have a vast amount of business knowledge that we can use to add value to your business. We can do a free complete review of systems for your entire practice from a business point of view. Some of the things we would look into are:

• The current cost of doing business
• Reviewing of all office staff and locations to reduce the staffing numbers/payroll
• Optimizing the appointment scheduling to maximize efficiency
• Closing out on office hours certain days in the week
• Elimination of redundant key positions.
• Consolidating, expanding, relocating, or opening new offices
• Looking for ways to increase the number of visits and increasing revenue
• Complete a review of line item expenses such as leases, rentals, supplies, etc
• Find marketing opportunities
• Contract negotiations with third party payors
• Office, and medical supply group purchasing as well as a review of all business/malpractice policies

We believe with our expansive consulting background, we can find ways to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve patient care. If you are interested please contact us.